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Neuro Ball


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The Neuro Ball is a 3-in-1 tool and one of the most versatile release tools on the market The Neuro Ball can be used as a ball or split into two domes, and provide both sensory stimulation and/or trigger point release.

Featuring the Naboso texture on the surface, the Neuro Ball provides simultaneous release with sensory stimulation.

Bonus, inside the Neuro Ball is a firm Micro Round for detail work and to get into the small muscles of the feet and hands.

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Naboso’s patent-pending technology covers the surface of the Neuro Ball for enhanced sensory stimulation.

Split it in two for stationary exercises that let you work both feet simultaneously or use it for rolling techniques all over the body. Bonus, inside the Neuro Ball is a firm Micro Round for detail work.

With so many nerves in your hands and feet finding the right density balance is critical. The Neuro Ball is firm enough to be effective, soft enough to be comfortable.

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  1. EmmaG (verified owner)

    Trying out my new tool for self myofascial release (SMR) this afternoon.
    Once I managed to open the ball, a wee cognitive test to get you started ha ha, I enjoyed using the two domes for compression along the foot; heel, arches, balls and outer foot as well on my palms. The neuro ball gives you sensory stimulation without being so “hard” that it causes pain.
    Placing the ball back together, you can then use for flushing and shearing of the full foot, which left my feet feeling mobile, awake and soothed.
    I love the wee ball inside, really great at getting into those points in the heel, and at the base of my thumbs.
    I recommend.

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