Research has shown that various types of foot stimulation can not only improve muscle strength in your feet, but can also improve blood circulation in your feet.


Why is circulation to your feet so important?

Good circulation is beneficial for everyone who is looking for healthy feet, legs and movement. It provides oxygen and nutrients to the cells, supports tissue healing, creates healthy nerves and enhances temperature control.


Here are some ways to improve circulation in your feet:

#1 – Barefoot Stimulation

Walking barefoot on a range of different surfaces forces the foot muscles to work harder. The small muscle contractions in the feet act like pumps bringing fresh blood to the feet and lower legs.

Naboso founder Dr Emily Splichal recommends that one spends at least 30 minutes of barefoot stimulation every day.

#2 – Grounding

Grounding or earthing is connecting the bare feet to the natural surfaces (and electrical charge) of the earth.

Stress and inflammation in the body is considered to be acidic or carry a postiive charge, whereas the earth has a negative charge. Research has shown that when walking on grass, sand and other natural surfaces you can reduce the positive charges in the body, thereby reducing inflammation. Inflammation creates stickiness in our blood which can impair circulation.

Dr Emily recommends daily grounding for at least 15 minutes.

#3 – Vibrations

Every step we take causes vibrations to travel through one’s body. These vibrations stimulate muscle contractions and have been shown in research to increase blood flow to the skin.

There are several ways to increase vibrations to the feet including: wearing minimal shoes when walking, using a vibration platform such as Power Plate, using vibration rollers and exercising on hardwood floors vs. cushion or carpet.

#4 – Naboso!

We’ve been hearing from so many of our users that when they use the Naboso Insoles they no longer have cold feet or need to wear socks because their feet are warmer.

Texture, like all sensory stimulation, creates muscle contractions which induce pumping of the circulatory system and vasodilation (widening of blood vessels).

In the feet – especially the toes – our blood vessels are so small that integrating techniques to improve foot health and circulation should be part of everyone’s longevity program.

Read more about maintaining foot health with Naboso.


  • by Dr Emily Splichal