As a former gymnast and now aerialist, I greatly appreciate the methodology and progressive programming of Pilates. Centered around deep core engagement and postural alignment, Pilates focuses on proper form and technique during every exercise execution. Using a textured surface to stimulate the nerves in the hands and feet you can further enhance your Pilates practice.

Founded by Joseph Pilates in the early 1920s, Pilates was developed through Joseph’s personal movement experience, his work with World War I vets and his training under Rudolph Laban. In 1923 Joseph Pilates opened his first Pilates Studio in New York City which quickly became a favorite practice for dancers.

Classical, Contemporary, Fletcher, Stott…..today the variations in Pilates methodology are vast but the core foundation of mind body connection, breath to pelvic floor, postural alignment and grace are all integrated into each method.

With the evolution of every methodology comes the opportunity for innovation to enter the room! Innovation of new apparatuses. Innovation of new exercises. And innovation of new ways to stimulate the nervous system.

Enter the World of Sensory Science

With the launch of Naboso Technology in 2017, our proprioceptive material has quickly become popular among the Pilates community. Allowing students to better connect to their foundation (foot) translates to a powerful connection to body and breath.

Since movement is built around sensory connections – both internally and externally – it was only a matter of time until sensory science began to be integrated into the Pilates Studio.

Enhancing the Jumpboard Experience

The Pilates Jumpboard offers the unique opportunity to bring dynamic movement and impact into the Pilates Practice. Integrating Jumpboard exercises also allow for an opportunity to train proper foot placement and landing techniques that are built around foot to core sequencing.

At Naboso Technology we have several products and opportunities for Pilates Practitioners to enhance their student practice through specific placement of our textured, proprioceptive product line.

By integrating the Naboso Standing Mat or Naboso Training Mat onto the Jumpboard students are able to sense the foot / board relationship much faster, allowing for a smoother landing technique. In addition, since efficient movements are built around the anticipation of the ground – or in this case the Jumpboard – the textured surface allows for faster neuro activation.

Enhancing the Footbar Experience

Proper foot placement and foot strength is further emphasized and trained on the Pilates footbar. Again this offers a great opportunity to integrate the Naboso textured material. Some of our Pilates Practitioners have been using the Naboso Standing Mat around the bar or we also have our raw material available for sale.

Enhancing other Pilates Apparatuses

The opportunity to enhance foot (or hand) stimulation through a Pilates session is not just limited to the Reformer. The Naboso Material can be integrated into all Pilates Apparatuses and is only limited by your creativity.

Enhancing the Pilates Mat Workout

Last but not least, Naboso Technology can also be integrated within a group setting. Our Naboso Mind Body Mat is 6.5mm thick which provides enough cushioning for floorwork but incudes the added sensory stimulation.

by Dr Emily Splichal